Hill View Society feels immense pleasure in offering this grand housing project to its valued customers. The sight of Hill View Society was carefully selected, keeping in view the charming features and attractive future prospects of the location.

Superbly located, Hill View Society offers a unique living experience. The beauty of lush green hills and natural landscape provides a pollution free environment, where you can live with nature in complete harmony. You will enjoy the surrounding mountains, fresh air, beautiful dawns and sunsets.

Roads : The main arteries of the project comprise 100’, 60’ and 40’
Water Supply
: An efficient water supply system, fully adequate to cater for.....
Gas : The main gas line is already passing along the main road.
Telephone : Applications for connections, on behalf of the clients and on ......



 Note: NIIA stands for New International Islamabad  
  1. Construction Contract

  2. NOC from Civil Aviation Authority

  3. NOC from Air Headquarter

  4. Airport Construction News

  5. Recommendation of Housing Project

  6. NOC from Ministry of Defense 

  7. Recommendations of District Scrutiny Committee for N.O.C

  8. Design of New International Islamabad Airport

  9. Map of the first green field airport being constructed at Pind Ranjha in Fateh Jang

  10. Some Win, Some Lose

  11. Islamabad limits likely to be extended

  12. Grant Of N.O.C

  13.  Negative area clearance certificate

  14. Take Off Towards bright Future

  15. Public Notice (Scrutiny Committee Attock)

  16. CAA initiates $300m NIIA project

  17. 3179 acker land purchased for NIIA

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